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Who said you have to suffer to be beautiful?

Several professional treatments offer great results without having to use invasive methods. Are you looking for a device that offers instant results and that is recognized worldwide for its reputation? Oxygen Facials could be a great option for your spa/clinic.

Treatments that use hyperbaric oxygen are increasingly popular with spa/clinics and even celebrities. Whether in a medical aesthetic clinic or in a luxury resort property, the treatment meets the growing demand for an original, accessible and above all, painless result. Providing immediate hydration results in the face, the oxygen treatment revitalizes, regenerates and protects the skin, while providing optimal comfort. The treatment consists of hyperbaric oxygen, infusing a cocktail of low molecular weight hyaluronic as well as several vitamins and antioxidants. A suitable serum will be carefully chosen and applied according to the condition, desires, and needs of the your client.


You should know that oxygen is a natural bactericide and destroys the anaerobic bacteria that can end up on the skin. Used for a long time in medicine, oxygen has been shown to accelerate healing of the skin, or even healing of burns. In addition, oxygen helps to lower considerable inflammation and soothe the epidermis. It is very common to see medical-aesthetic clinics combine oxygen treatment with several other treatments, especially invasive treatments to speed up healing, or to prepare the skin for invasive laser, facial surgeries, etc.


Hyperbaric oxygen treatmentS have shown fabulous results on cell regeneration. The treatment brings oxygen to the skin, it increases energy cells, which has a direct link to the increase in collagen and elastin in the skin. We can so expect to see lines and wrinkles reduced and the firm skin.


Depending on your customers and their needs, it is possible to offer oxygen treatment as a series of 6 treatments for cumulative and longer term results. This treatment is also perfect for your customers who want luminous skin for an evening or a very special event. After all, the treatments because famous because celebrities have one immediately before makeup application.


Although there are many versions of the original Oxygen Facial Treatment, Intraceuticals is the skin care professionals', celebrities adored, original facial treatment. If you're serious about introducing oxygen as a true skin care philosophy in your spa/clinic, we've got everything you need to succeed!

Written by: Kimberly Litinas | Quebec Sales & Education Director


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